Sportvasten Guide

We offer Sportvasten only to NEXXT GYM customers in combination with a regular training. The 10-days-Sportvasten-program can only be done when the client has already trained at least 6 times. We do the Sportvasten program in cooperation with Wayda, a studied dietist and experienced Sportvasten coach. 


The Sportvasten program costs in total 249 Euro: 139 Euro for the pack, the measurement and the fitness test and 110 Euro for the consulting before, during and after the program. The consulting can be reimbursed by the client's health insurance. While the 139 Euro will be debited from NEXXT GYM, the client has to transfer the 110 Euro to Wayda, because she is registered at the health insurance companies.


  • During the regular check-in conversation, the trainer also introduces the option to combine the EMS training with Sportvasten. However, the client can also decide at a later stage.

  • At the moment when the customer decides to do the Sportvasten program, 

    • the trainer fills in the online Sportvasten check-in form and the 139 Euro will be debited in the following week,

    • the trainer makes an 1/2 hour appointment for the measurement and the fitness test - at the earliest when the client has done minimum 6 EMS trainings and

    • the trainer makes an 1/2 hour appointment after the 10-days-Sportvasten-program when the post-InBody-measurement will be done and the EMS training continues (2 weeks later).

  • Wayda gets a copy of the online Sportvasten check-in form and will send a Sportvasten pack to the respective studio.

  • At the day when the client comes for picking up the Sportvasten pack the trainer does the fitness test: 15 minutes NEXXT GYM Cardio program (without EMS suit) at the performance limit of the client and measuring the heart rate.

  • After the fitness test, the trainer gives to the client the sport watch (for rent) in case the client does not have an own one and the trainer sends the Inbody results to Wayda together with the heart rate result. Email: xxxx

  • At the next day the client will be contacted from Wayda for the extended Intake conversation. In the following days the client starts his 10-days-Sportvasten-program and will be accompanied by Wayda. The client does the daily 30-minutes-training at home or outdoor with the sport watch. The client can do cycling, running or fast walking at the recommended heart rate.

  • After the 10-days-Sportvasten-program the client comes for the post-InBody-measurement and continues the EMS training. The trainer sends the InBody results to the client and to Wayda and she will contact the client for a consulting how to proceed with the nutrition.