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Small muscle, big effect: The pelvic floor is neither visible nor palpable - and yet over one million people in Germany alone have problems with it. Tensing, relaxing and counterholding are the main tasks of the pelvic floor. If it is weakened or damaged, this can have serious consequences, such as urinary incontinence. EMS training for body shapes is ideal for strengthening the pelvic floor and preventing incontinence: Electro-muscle stimulation specifically targets the muscles around the pelvic floor, strengthening them and improving blood circulation.


Whether after pregnancy, surgery or injury: the causes of urinary incontinence are many and varied - and for those affected they are usually a taboo subject. A weak pelvic floor exacerbates the problem: after all, its muscles and ligaments form the lower limit of the pelvis between the pubic bone, ischial tuberosities and coccyx, thus protecting the bladder sphincter. EMS training for body shapes can help to train the muscles around the pelvic floor and prevent or correct incontinence - only 20 minutes of training per week is sufficient for this.


Studies show: EMS Training can help with incontinence


Current studies show that whole-body EMS training has very good effects in 75 percent of those affected by incontinence. "During EMS training with electrical impulses, the pelvic floor is indirectly strengthened by stimulating the surrounding adductors and nerves", explains Professor Dr. Wolfgang Kemmler from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. For quick results, the intensity of EMS training should be high enough, especially in the leg and butt electrode areas and on the abdomen and lower back. Regulated breathing can support this, as can the targeted tensing of the abdominal muscles.


Ideal after pregnancy: strengthen the pelvic floor with EMS Training


Especially after childbirth, EMS training is an attractive alternative to conventional regression gymnastics: Under the guidance of specially trained body shape trainers, the often weakened pelvic floor can be strengthened quickly and efficiently and incontinence prevented. EMS Training is an effective and at the same time particularly gentle method of training the pelvic floor. This makes it ideal for post-pregnancy recovery.


Not just for women: Men should also train the pelvic floor


But not only women have problems with this small, inconspicuous muscle: Men also often have to struggle with a weakened pelvic floor, especially with increasing age: incontinence, impotence and pain are the consequences. That's why men should also pay attention to a targeted address of the pelvic floor during EMS training. Since no additional weights are used in EMS training, the method is particularly easy on the joints - and thus also ideally suited for older people.

"With EMS training, the pelvic floor is indirectly strengthened by stimulating the surrounding adductors and nerves."

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kemmler, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

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