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VYTAL is a handy app that allows you to automatically create your own personal nutrition plan within minutes, based on your energy needs, taking into account your goals and preferences. The app takes into account different food preferences, allergies, eating with the whole family and maximum cooking time.


The app automatically prepares your feeding schedule for 10 days and replenishes every day that passes. This makes it easy for you to plan, even if you have a busy job or family life. Every meal has a clear recipe with a list of ingredients and preparation methods. Cooking has never been so easy and calorie counting is no longer necessary!


Fancy something else? At the touch of a button an alternative is ready for you, or search the recipe overview yourself for a meal you fancy! There are 1500+ recipes available, so plenty of choice! You can also put together your own favourite meals.


What's more, you can set up your shopping list in no time or have your groceries delivered straight to your door!


Go to your app store and download VYTAL. After downloading, you can register yourself and specify your goals and nutritional preferences in order to draw up your nutrition plan. After registering in the app, go to your profile and then to ''my coach'' and search for NEXXT GYM, you can send a coach request. Once we accepted it, you will be connected to our studios and can continue to use VYTAL!

Any questions? Ask your trainer or studio manager!

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