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Geen zin of tijd om uren in de sportschool te staan? Geen probleem! Fitter, sterker, strakker, slanker in slechts 20 minuten per week,
zonder zware 
Met tevredenheid garantie!

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10 studio's in Amsterdam, Bavel, Breda, Den Haag, Leiden, Voorburg, Wassenaar.


Try our effective EMS training method!

Highly effective full body workout

  • With EMS (= Electro Muscle Stimulation), all major muscle groups are intensively trained at the same time in just 20 minutes.

  • The EMS suits and electrodes provide additional impulses for powerful muscle tone. 

  • During the training, you perform targeted exercises following the science-based NEXXT GYM training method.


Fast visible and tangible results

  • Depending on your goals, your body will become fitter, stronger, tighter and slimmer.

  • The skin firms up and subcutaneous fat is reduced.

  • Stronger back muscles lead to less back pain.


Professional and safe

  • Originally, EMS was used in top sport and physiotherapy.

  • Meanwhile, the technology has been accessible to a wider audience for many years. 

  • At NEXXT GYM, you train with the devices of market leader bodytec, manufactured in Germany and with 15 years of experience.


Your benefits

  • In just 20 minutes you can achieve results that would take 2-3 hours in a conventional gym.

  • The NEXXT GYM training is without heavy weights and therefore without strain on your joints.

  • At NEXXT GYM you train always with a qualified coach.

  • With a convenient nutrition app if you want support.


Book now your FREE TRIAL 
incl. a body analysis!

Leave your details via the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible for a free trial session in the EMS studio of your choice.

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Waarom kiezen onze klanten voor NEXXT GYM?


#1 Inclusief fitcheck 

Tijdens de proefles meten we ook jouw lichaamssamenstelling op. Zo kunnen wij de progressie die jij doormaakt volgen en bijsturen.


#2 Train op je eigen niveau 

Of je nou een beginnende sporter bent of een ervaren atleet, bij ons traint ieder op zijn eigen niveau!


#3 Persoonlijke begeleiding

Bij ons train je altijd onder begeleiding van een personal coach. Zo zorgen we samen voor het beste resultaat!


#4 Advies op maat gemaakt 

We maken je trainingsplan op maat en kunnen jou ook over een persoonlijk voedingsschema adviseren, want ieder lichaam is anders

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